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Our Collaborative Approach

With you, our client, at the center of our strategy and in full collaboration we listen to your needs and consult on potential road maps to address same in a scaled approach.

While there is much discussion on adoption, we feel that the groundwork to fuel this lies in engagement, the root of which is education. Whether we are assisting with a strategic marketing and communications plan, or a detailed Blockchain analysis and technology strategy, risk benefit analysis or connecting your to needed resources and human capital, every aspect of our plan will be fully customized to your needs.

The talents and networks of our consortium of consultants encompasses multiple industries, including capital markets and FinTech, all of which center upon the intersection bridging legacy systems to the emerging distributed ledger technologies. Our group works collaboratively together as independent consultants to build the Chicago ecosystem and beyond in a compliant, sustainable manner. Our consultants refer by and between one another freely as we have worked on projects in various capacities together.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: The members and represented logos that appear on this website may have referral agreements, an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to any suppliers of goods and services that may be discussed here, and may be compensated for recommending products or services, or linked products and services. These relationships may contain an unconscious bias towards represented companies herein.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of a carefully, curated group of professional consultants designed to your needs. 


Jenny Balliet

Founder & CEO Lula & Co. 

Ms. Balliet is an exceptionally-skilled professional in business development and engagement. She has a unique ability to intuitively identify the needs of multiple stakeholders simultaneously.

Ms. Balliet leverages her natural ability to educate and empower others through both oral and written communication. This strategic approach coupled with her social media ingenuity and coordinating interests in law and policy optimizes these marketing and public relations efforts, particularly in the Blockchain, FinTech & cryptocurrency spaces.

She also serves as Director of Presentations at Athena.Trade and Chief Engagement Officer of Omnium Blockchain.


Kathleen Reilly

Founder & CEO Omnium Blockchain

Ms. Reilly is an immensely experienced technology consultant whose talents in both Business Development and Capital Markets are widely sought after, especially in the realm of Blockchain, crypto and FinTech.

Her ability to create consensus among multiple divergent parties and strongly advocate for innovation seeds and cultivates the ecosystem of Chicago and beyond. The founder of Omnium Blockchain, which houses the first ever FinTech accelerator, utilizes both of her operational and Business Development background coupled with her innate ability to motivate collaboration, epitomizing the definition of Omnium, latin for 'of all.'



Adrian Cortez

Principal Chain Agnostics

Mr. Cortez is an international technology consultant who has honed an analytical nature to all Blockchain protocols and surrounding technologies thereof. His network extends deeply including members of multiple Blockchain ecosystems domestically and throughout Asia.

Additionally, Mr. Cortez’ understanding of the underlying technology of Blockchain and cryptocurrency coupled with his international business and global relations allows our clients to optimize opportunities in investment, growth, & scale, thereby, providing a deep foundational understanding of each element including  governance to ensure our strategy is built to maximize appropriate market opportunities.


Naydu Brandenburg

Risk & Benefit Analyst



Christopher Jana, Esq.

Transaction & Real Estate Legal Consult

Mr. Jana possesses a background in  commercial real estate transactions from advisory and brokerage to leasing, property management, valuation, and development.

His experience in financial services and transactional advisory including REITs, funds and annuities complement the emerging digital asset space.



Wes Williams

Legal Services


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